Customers wrote.....


“Karin, your cake was the hit of my meal! Everyone was SO impressed with it.  First of all, the decorations were absolutely superb. The SAND!! We LOVED the sandy beach and the seashells were just incredible! How very much of a masterwork it was. On top of that, your carrot cake is THE best carrot cake I've ever had, and all the others agreed, too. I loved the texture, the moistness, the nuts --- so many of them and I love that. My sister makes an excellent carrot cake but yours outshines any I've ever had.    

I think your cakes have been the most popular part of my last 2 parties. What excellent work you do. So, I just wanted to thank you again.”  Bonnie O.


“WOW!!!! Your cake was absolutely scrumptious!!!! Your suggestions were magnificent, and I am so glad I followed your advice regarding Alex’ graduation cake size, the fondant icing, the butter cream frosting underneath the fondant and the raspberry filling followed by the lemon cake. 

When Alex saw his Graduation Cake, he was speechless!! He thought it was a work of art! As did my entire family and my neighbors. 

Alex was thrilled with his decision of lemon cake with raspberry filling. He has had several pieces and said it was awesome! 

Dean, myself and our family and friends could not say enough about how extraordinary your cake tasted. It is the best we have ever had!!!

Again, thank you so much for all of your expertise and for your baking and cake design and decorating talents. Your gift of time to my son’s graduation cake has been truly appreciated!”  Michele D 

“Madeleine's cake was divine! The lemon flavor with raspberry was perfect for a birthday cake! One look at the cake, and everyone knows this is no ordinary cake! Beautiful artistry, Karin! This is my second "Karin" cake, and I'm just waiting for the next occasion to have a reason to try another of your delicious flavors. 

The confirmation cake that you made for Christa's confirmation was spectacular. Your mastery of fondant decorating is obviously professional wedding quality, and it shows in every aspect of your cake - the size and shape, the design, the colors, and the detail - and the flavor! The rich hummingbird flavor is so unique and everyone loved it.

I must say, Karin, that your cake at each of my two recent parties, was the "wow" factor and each of the flavors were rich and delicious!”  Janice S.


“...I have never seen anything as beautiful as it...thank you so much for your tasty and beautiful cake!”  Roberto V. 

“Thank you so much for the beautiful graduation cake.  It was almost too pretty to eat, but we managed!!....The cake was the nicest gift I received.”  Dani 

“The basket cake you made...was magnificent!  It truly was a ‘work of art’ and admired by all.  The fact that the cake itself was delicious was an added plus.”  Jean S. 

“Thank you so much for making such a lovely, delicious anniversary cake.  It was the same style as our original wedding cake.”  Bill and Ethel W.

“...not only was it better than gorgeous, it was also delicious!  And it was a fabulous match to my dress, which was the goal....”  Kerbi S. 

“The cake .....was delicious.  It was decorated really clever.  You really have such good ideas.”  Debi M.


“Not only was the cake delicious, but the presentation was beautiful!”   St. Mary’s Life Teen 

“I would just like to thank you for the beautiful and delicious cake you made for my daughter last Sunday. My family loved it and I think that it made the celebration a lot more special!”  Laura E. 

“I just have to say from myself and EVERYONE who ate the cake absolutely loved it. The design was fantastic, and the shoes were so accurate, and my sister loved it. I never knew a sheet cake could taste and look so delicious. So thank you very much.”   Jonathan S.


“The cake was fabulous!!! My daughter loved the design and colors. Thanks so much. Everyone raved about it and I passed along your information.”  Sharon H. 

“The cake was delicious and it was beautiful. We all were so surprised. You did a wonderful job. Thank you.”   Sylvia D. 

“The cake was gorgeous and delicious.”  Kate S. 

“Your work is very beautiful. It is such an amazing skill.”  Jenna D. 

“We want to thank you for our cake; it was everything we dreamed it would be.”  Nate & Kate S. 

“You make the BEST Pineapple Upside Down cake.”  William U. 

“Thanks Karin. You are a real star! I look forward to meeting you soon! I really can't thank you enough! If you ever need a reference just send them to me. I am more than happy with everything you have done for the cake and thank you for the help with the note! She loved the cake.”  Steve S. (England) 

“I just wanted to let you know how much my niece loved her cake! Everyone thought it tasted wonderful and enjoyed it quite a bit.” Dawn T.


“Your cake was beyond "delicious"!!!!! You are such an amazingly, talented woman!!!! I don't know how you do have been blessed. “  Leslie H. 

“My parents LOVED the cake! My mom keeps talking about the hummingbird cake. She had a piece right away last night when I got home and she said that she had another piece for lunch today...haha...and I didn't know this but my dad's favorite cake is lemon, so needless to say he loved the lemon/raspberry cake!”  Ashley C. 

“Everyone LOVED your cake!!!!So many people asked me where I got it.”  Joan B 

“The cake was a huge hit at my parents’ party last Saturday. Absolutely everyone said it was the best cake they’d ever eaten. Thanks for helping to make the party a success.”  Nancy M. 

“Thank you for a beautiful cake, complete with teapots!  There were a lot of ooh’s and ahhh’s as it truly was a a ‘work of art’.”   Dottie P., Pres., The Women’s Club of Hudson 

“Karin's "over the top" creativity and attention to detail always makes an indelible impression, and her cakes taste as fresh and fabulous as they look! She consistently creates "one-of-a-kind" designs which become the truly unique and exquisite centerpiece of every affair! Her work provides impressive memories for all; she is truly a gifted artist and we thank her for sharing her gift with us!”  Marilyn Z. 

“Want to feel like royalty on your big day? Karin was trained by the man who did one of Princess Diana's cakes. It doesn't get more royal than that! (Her cinnamon rolls are to die for, too!)”  Emily K. 

“Not only Beautiful and delicious but each one is unique.”  Rosemarie S. 

“You're awesome, and your fondant and filling are PHENOMENAL. I am so excited to work with you, and I will be passing your name on to anyone I know who may need a cake.”  Chante J.


“Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL cake for Jake’s graduation party.  Everyone commented on how beautiful it was and how good!  I gave everyone your name that asked.  Jake says he wants you to make him a cake once a week just to eat.  THANK YOU, again!”   Linda M. 

“Karin just looked at the cake…I expected it to be lovely, but this is just gorgeous!!!! You out did yourself….thanks honey.”   S. Lee, Publisher, The Summit County Women’s Journal 

“Thank you for a wonderful cake!  It was the hit of Mark’s birthday party.”  Katherine S. 

“It was the focus of the event.....exquisite!  You are clever and talented rolled into one - and the cake was delicious!”  Marilyn Z. 

“I wanted to let you know that everyone (especially Brodie) loved the cake! It was delicious and I think that is all I ate for about 3 days! Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you more in the future!”  Summer D. 

“I wanted to thank you again for making Kevin's cake for me on such a busy and exciting weekend for you!! 

It was delicious, as usual! I really appreciated it........and so did everyone at the party because the cake went very quickly!! A few asked me if they could take a piece home and I had to tell them it was all gone! Thanks again!!” 

Marybeth R.

“It was so nice to meet you - and it was so delicious to eat that cake! That is one of the most yummy cakes I've ever had! Seriously. I can't wait to have a reason to have to order something else.”  Jackie G. 

“ shared your photo of your hummingbird cake with our COSE web page. It was delicious.”  Lori P.


“Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you the cake was Beautiful and Delicious! We all really enjoyed it. Everything was just so perfect. Thank you Karin!”  Sherry C. 

“Thank you so much for the fantastic cakes! They were awesome and everybody loved them.  Over all again working with you has been awesome and we loved what you did. Thank you again.”  Emily and Justin 

“Hey the cake was awesome everybody liked the raspberry jam on top”  John D. 

“Just wanted to thank you again for the gorgeous and delicious cake.  I can’t even tell you how much Grace and her friends enjoyed it.”  Melanie O. 

“I wanted to quickly write and let you know how much we enjoyed the “pizza” cookies.  They were a huge hit at my son’s birthday party.”  MaryBeth B. 

“The shower cake and birthday cake were so good. The women at the shower thought the cake was fabulous and couldn’t believe it looked like a book. Nice job!”  Sharon S. 

“I HAD to send you this “Thank You” because your cakes are AWESOME!  The cake you prepared for my husband’s surprise birthday party was Beautiful AND Delicious!  Everyone at the party wanted your contact information.  Thanks Again for a wonderful cake.  You made the party even more special!  Thanks so much!”   Dottie H. 

“The cake was unbelievable and I could tell my dad really enjoyed that. Great job Karin. It was yummy too!”  Sharon S. 

“This cake is beautiful love the color of the ribbon.”   Sharon S. 

“The cake was great.”  Helen F. 

“That birthday cake you made for my son’s birthday was SO delicious.”  Jackie G. 

“Just wanted to let you know the cake was delicious, and produced more than 

35 servings. There wasn't a single piece left though. Always a good sign :-)”   Kathy C. 

“Coops loved the cake.”  Doug K. 

“The cake was gorgeous and absolutely delicious! Thank you so much again for all of your hard work!”  Nancy B. 

“The cake itself was wonderful---it looked beautiful and was delicious (Sarah especially enjoyed the frosting!). Several individuals expressed delight that something other than vanilla or chocolate was served. We will try to remember to send you a photo when the photographer has them ready.”  Mary Anne S. 

“Thank you for your part in making the day special!”  In appreciation, Mary Anne S. 

"Karin made my sister Lindy a Fabulous Rainbow cake that she really wanted. It not only looked like a piece of art but I was told by many it was absolutely delicious! Karin even delivered the cake from Hudson to South Euclid. I highly recommend Cakes by Karin!"  Dawn W.


"Highly recommend any of Karin's creations. From wedding cakes to birthday cakes, she does it all! She will even deliver with a smile! Delicious all around. Will be requesting her cakes in the future ;) "  Kelly M. 

“Your cupcakes were delicious!”  Susan, MD. 

“The cake was gorgeous and absolutely delicious! Thank you so much again for all of your hard work!”   Susan B. 

“Thank you for the beautiful Baby Shower cake! The parents-to-be loved it and the "daddy" made sure he got the piece with the Nugget (he wants to save it). Thank you again.”   Emily G


“It was so nice to meet you - and it was so delicious to eat that cake!...It was a big hit and there was lots of discussion about it. They didn't want to cut into it, which I suppose is a very good sign too. But, I'm glad we did. That is one of the most yummy cakes I've ever had! Seriously. I can't wait to have a reason to have to order something else.”   Jackie G. 

“Everyone was blown away by how lovely the cake was. AND it tasted great! Many photos taken, so thanks for the purple backdrop.”   Serene F. 

“You did a great job! “   Jim F. 

“The cake was a huge success.....Steve said they loved it .....He said they all thought it was great.”   Sharon S.


“The cake and cookies were a success!....Thanks you so much for the beautiful cakes and cookies.  Rachel A.

was very happy!......Thanks for making the wedding dinner a success!”   Judith R. 

“Thank you so much for the amazing cake! It fit the shower theme and my personality perfectly.  People were still talking about how beautiful and delicious the cake was days later.  You helped make my shower truly special,  Thank you!”    Kate S. 

“Thank you for sharing your DELICIOUS cakes with us all!  You are THE BEST!”   Emily K. 

"Karin provided the cake for this week's Montrose Auto Group Taste of Italian wines. I have never, ever had such a delicious cake (sorry Hildegard). This truly was the best."  Edward B.


“Thank you very much for the beautiful and delicious cake with the KSU logo. The representatives from Kent State loved it! I greatly appreciate the fact that you were able to put it all together in a day’s notice. We kept your card on file at Pepsi and I hope you will benefit with future work.  Thanks, again!!!!!”    Mark F. 

“Thank you so much, Karin. You truly made my mom's day. She keeps sending everyone photos of the beautiful cake and bragging how wonderful it tastes. Thanks again!”    Kelly M. 

“Thank you so much for the amazing cake!  It fit the shower theme and my personality perfectly.  People were still talking about how beautiful and delicious the cake was days later.  You helped make my shower truly special.  Thank you!”    Kate S.


“She loooooooved the cake and they can't stop talking about it. I will continue to send you as much biz as possible!”   

“Everyone loved the cake.”    Jon K.


“The cookies were a great hit. Beautiful!  Perfect! Thank you!”   Marjori C. 

“People from other parties came over to see the cake...Thank you so much!”   Tammy P. 

“Everything was beautiful!  Couldn’t have been a more perfect day thanks to people like you.  We got so many compliments on the cake and food.  Thank you again!!!”    Kayla T. 

“Everyone loved the cake ...sooooo charming.”  Sandra L. 

“That cake was beautiful absolutely perfect.”   Sandy M. 

“Thank you! Everyone loved the cake. The design was amazing! We loved it!”   Asim R. 

“The cake you made for me last minute for my daughter's shower was beautiful, exactly what I wanted and tasted wonderful too.”     Irene  F.


“The cake was beautiful and it tasted good too. We really enjoyed it. I thank you so much for everything that you have done for our special day!!”  Mingji C. 

“Awesome Cake!  Thank you!.....All the relatives and friends are still talking about the cake.  You did a great job, and the cake was moist!  Thank you again, and I’ll look forward to my next order with you!  I can’t thank you enough!”  Scott K. 

“Your cakes and other baked goods are the BEST I have ever tasted!”  James B.


“The cake and cookies were so beautiful and delicious!!! I loved it all! Everyone else thought it was really good as well. Thanks Karin! :)”  Sandra H. 

“Your cake was a hit!  Thanks!”  Mary S. 

“The most delicious and adorable cookies for my daughter’s birthday!  These were a hit!”  Chante J. 

“The cake was outstanding!  Thank you so much.  It was delicious and so beautiful.”  Gianna C. 

“Thank you so much for that beautiful wedding cake.  It was fantastic and most importantly so delicious.  I can’t thank you enough!.......Thanks again, it was wonderful!”  Skylar B.


"I remember the first spring flower basket case you ever made Karin - it was gorgeous and delicious even back then!"  Sher  C.

“The cake was great!!!! It tasted great…and it looked exactly like the mountain!! Everyone loved the little guy on the mountain with the red helmet!!! It was moist and I just had another piece. Thank You so much for baking the cake and designing it.”  Cathy H. 

“Everyone raved about our wedding cake!  Thank you so much for helping to make our day a fantastic celebration! ... The cake was fabulous!!!”  Bobbie (All Brides Beautiful)


“We LOVED the cake you made for my birthday in August!! Just fabulous! “ Bonnie O. 

“You did an absolutely beautiful job with the cake you made for my friend Michelle!” Eileen S.R. 

“You are blessed with so much talent.”  Tony B. 

“I wanted to thank you for creating our beautiful wedding cake!  I wish you could have heard all the wonderful compliments not only from our guests, but from the staff at Landerhaven, as well! .....Thank you for all your time in meeting with me, as well.  The cake was not only beautiful, but Delicious!  You truly have a wonderful talent and we thank you for sharing it with us.”  Stacy and Gary L. 

“Thank you for the wonderful  cake.  The whole family enjoyed it.  Doug R. 

“What an inspiration - - a rolled fondant frosted fruitcake!!  Thank you so much!”  Fay @ AmeriColor Corp. 

“Lance’s Bar Mitzvah cake was Perfect and delicious.”  Colleen W.


“I haven’t forgotten about the spectacular birthday cake that you so thoughtfully made for Tom’s birthday....” Beth M. 

“We also appreciate the wonderful job on our wedding cake.”  Heather and Brian D. 

“The cake was outstanding!”  Kevin Z.


“Thank you for making the cakes for the party.  They looked great and everyone enjoyed them.  You do great work!”  Missy Z. 

“Karin - The cake was simply amazing, and still has people talking about it!”  Catherine  B. and Jim


“Oh my goodness!!!  You don’t just make cakes you create amazing works of art.  Everything you do is beautiful....The wedding cakes are stunning!!!  Sharon 

“ worked so hard to make it so special.”  Roseanne C. 

“Wanted to let you know that everyone loved the cake and said it was sooo good!.....  Thanks again!”  Danielle U.


“Thank you for helping make my husband’s 70th birthday with family so spectacular!  The “TV” cake was the hit of the party!” Judy J.


“Thanks.  It looks awesome.”  Doug K.


“My party was wonderful and everyone thought the cakes was not only beautiful but tasted delicious.....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your creativity, your kindness and your support. I look forward to purchasing many more cakes from you in the future.”  Sherrie‘ W.  

“The cookies are adorable.  The cookies look fabulous....they look wonderful!”  Beth A.


“That’s Beautiful!”  Love it!”  Michelle W.


“The cupcakes were delicious.”  Marjori C. 

“The cake was so delicious, we all so enjoyed!!  The bride to be & family just loved it!”  Cindy Z.


“Loved the cupcakes.”  Betty Q.


“She absolutely loves the cake.  Thank you so much for the tour and making the cake.”  Mark S. 

“The cake was delicious! =)  We loved it!”  Stephanie T.


“We made it here and they love the cake and think its really cool!! People love it!”  Kim M. 

“Thank you so much for the cake.  Everyone loved it - it was delicious and looked amazing!!!.  Thanks for helping to make his day special!”  Elizabeth P.


Alex LOVED the carrot cake that you made for him! It was OUTSTANDING!!!!! Alex’ girlfriend’s family came over for dinner and we had your cake for dessert, in addition to, your lemon raspberry cake. Oh my goodness, comments about how scrumptious your cakes were filled the room. Alex’ girlfriend’s mom took your business card and they live in North Canton! Thank you for your generous gift and for putting smiles on our faces as we enjoyed your marvelous and professionally created desserts!”  Michele D. 

“Oh my! The cake was AMAZING!!!! 

Not only did it look incredible and exceed my expectations, but it was truly the most delicious cake I have ever eaten! 

I loved how you made it seasonal with the snow and the greens!  My guests LOVED it and I gave your cards to everyone. 

I will certainly be ordering from you again. Thank you so much! 

P.S. I am going to have to pick up the cake the next time because I want to go on the tour!”  Janet T.


"Great job on both the hockey cakes and they were really delicious - thanks!" Ellie W.


"Your cakes were beautiful and delicious, Karin!"  Jodi J.


“The cupcakes are delicious and that includes the fondant accents!  We would love for you to do our cake for our wedding.” 

Allison H. 

“I just wanted to send you a note of thanks.  The cake was not only delicious but absolutely beautiful.  It was perfect. 

Thank you.”  Betty Q. 

“The cake was WONDERFUL!!! So beautiful and delicious.  Thanks so much Karin for all your help and your awesome cakes...”  Sandra H. 

“I just wanted to Thank You again! 

Your cake was absolutely perfect! The taste was decadent. It really was a highlight point of the party. The flavors together were a perfect match. Everyone complemented how beautiful and delicious the cake was. 

Thank you also for the Gardenia the smell was refreshing and went perfect in the wedding, 

Thank you for all your help with everything. I really appreciated it. Thank you.”  Denise C. 

“......the gorgeous cake that that you made for our party this weekend. Thank you!  It was delicious!”  Nancy B.


“This is the person to see about cake! Karin did a fantastic job on our wedding cake. We are very simple people, she listened to what we had planned for the wedding. And from that suggested a design. It was perfect! I had guests going up for three and four servings of cake. By the time we were wrapping things up people were still talking about the "awesome" wedding cake!”  Emily K. 

“I found Karin through my mom, who had a cake from Karin at my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary party. It was an awesome cake (beautiful and delicious), so I knew Karin would do an amazing job with the cake for my reception. I had some ideas about flavor, colors (both inside and out) and overall appearance. Karin listened to my ideas and offered advice and insight and together we came up with something that exceeded my expectations. The cake was delicious - although I only got one bite when we cut the cake, everyone told me all night how tasty they thought it was. And even though Karin is based in Hudson, she was able to transport the cake to downtown Cleveland and it looked perfect! Any time I need a nice cake in the future, Karin is going to be my first call! I definitely recommend her.”  Kate M 

“Karin is amazing. She has a passion for what she does. It is like cake that you see on TV.”  Cybil 

“Cakes by Karin will truly astound you by her creativity. I had this company make a cake for me and she astonished myself my friends and the Marine's I work with. Her cakes are so flavorful and beautiful. Ms. Karin I support you and so do the Marine's at 3/25 Brook Park.”  Tyrone P. 


“Karin made a terrific Scout themed cake for an Eagle Court of Honor for us.”  Vincent M. 

“Wonderful cakes by Karin. Love everything that she makes.”  Jeanette B. 

“I only can say - cakes by Karin are very delicious.  She is an artist in creating each kind of cake you want.  In case you have no idea which cake will be the best, she will give you good advice.”  Michael E. 

“Always a great cake.”  Richard K. 

“Karin made the most original baby shower cake for my daughter who is a park ranger at Yosemite National Park! Complete with ranger hats, animals, trees.........”  Elaine A. 

“Tasty!  Good looking and tasty! Excellent communication and customer service from Karin. She makes an attractive wedding cake at a fair price. Also, try the cinnamon buns - very nice treat.”  Philip P. 

“Karin, is this amazing woman who makes unbeatable cake!  Not only is she willing to work with your ideas and offer a few of her own, if needed, but she has absolutely mastered palate perfection!  If you haven’t tried Cakes by Karin!  you are truly missing out!”  Amy B. 

“Not only do they look fabulous, a must for the special people in your lives, but they taste so fresh, moist and simply delicious!”  Marilyn Z. 

“Outstanding cakes!  Beautiful, very creative designs and excellent flavor!”  David S. 

“Best wedding cakes in the world, have had them for all my daughters.”  Bob K. 

“Your cakes are amazing, time after time.”  Susan L. 

“Highly Recommended!”  Integrity Auto Care 

“Karin’s cakes have a wonderful taste and are elegantly decorated.”  Jim F. 

Beautiful and delicious cakes baked by a wonderful person!!”  Linda B. 

“Her cakes are scrumptious!”  Jacquie S. @ Ballooncrew, inc.


“Karin makes the best cakes.”  Kristy B. 

“Talented artist and fabulous baker, cook and business woman! Karin's "over the top" creativity and attention to detail always makes an indelible impression, and her cakes taste as fresh and fabulous as they look! She consistently creates "one-of-a-kind" designs which become the truly unique and exquisite centerpiece of every affair! Her work provides impressive memories for all; she is truly a gifted artist and we thank her for sharing her gift with us!”  Marilyn Z.

“Always tasty and good looking!  A cake by Karin is reason enough for a party.”  Philip P. 

“Best cakes ever!”  Sharon S.


“Karin makes yummy cakes!!!”  Graham M. 

“Karin makes the best cakes in the world!!!”  Sharon M. 

“Super Yummy!!”  Elizabeth G. 


“Karin’s are the best cakes around!”  Virginia J. 

“Best cakes!”  Beth A. 

“Always beyond my expectations....she is amazing and can create anything under the sun!”  Kelly B.


“....voted BEST cakes!”  Kate W. 

“White on white my favorite!”  Beth A.


“Yummy.”  Nancy W. 

“Love these cakes!”  Kelly L.


“Karin is the bomb.”  Lizzi H.


“Karin is awesome - so full of energy - she’s a skilled perfectionist - anything she does is over the top!”  Julie A.


“Masterful designs. Outstanding flavors and textures. Attention to the finest details. Tremendous value and courteous service. Karin is a true artisan in every sense of the word. I would not deal with anyone else!”  Dave H. 

“Karin's scones and cinnamon rolls are the bomb!!! The best I've ever tasted!”  Sue M. 

“MMM”  Brian P. 

“Karin has been extremely helpful with planning a cake I need!  Lauren C.


“Absolutely scrumpdilicious”  Stephan H.


“Creative, passionate and fast and that's just Karin , cakes are good too.”  David K.


“These cakes are baked and decorated fresh with the celebration in mind. Lovingly cared for--the best!  Jane M. 

“Most elegant too!!!”  N.V. 

“Excellent work!”  Mark F. 

“Fantastic Cakes and Fantastic Service!”  Emily K. 

“Our friends told us that our chocolate cake with raspberry filling was the best wedding cake they've ever had. Thanks Karin!”  Sushi D. 

“Awesome Cakes and best customer service ever!! Karin is fantastic!”  MBM 

“Karin's cakes are the best I have ever tasted.”  Jim B.


“Great service and always fantastic and on time!”  Donald B.


“Delicious cakes!”  Stanley A. 

“Outstanding cakes! The best!”  David S. 

“Beautiful unique cakes!! Wonderful woman who is kind and easy to work with!”  Sandy H. 

“Thanks for the delicious cake.  The best cake ever!”  Sue L. 

“Thanks you so much for the delicious birthday cake! Everyone raved about it & I scraped every last bit of chocolate off the cardboard & have it here in the fridge to snack on! The leftover cake is in the freezer for days when I just need a lot of chocolate therapy!”  Bobbie @All Brides Beautiful 

“Karin is absolutely amazing at what she does! Her cakes are so delicious! She did our wedding cake, it was beautiful! Our friends and family are still talking about it! Thanks Karin!”  Allison H. 

“Cakes by Karin are always delicious! Amazing decorations! And Karin goes above and beyond!! Thank you!  MaryBeth R. 

“Our wedding cake was gorgeous and absolutely delicious!!! We also ordered our save-the-dates and invitations from her website and they turned out beautifully! We had several complements in them.”  

Ashley E. 

Thanks again for an amazing cake!  Lenny S. 

Karin, great job on the Graduation cake.  Lots of people commented how good it was.  Fresh, moist and you did a great job on the decoration,  “You The Cake Boss”.  Thanks for coming to the rescue.  Sean M. 

The cake was awesome and beautiful!  Amy B. 

“Your cakes are always spectacular and delicious!!!”  ......“We just cannot stop talking about this incredible cake. We were STUNNED when we saw it. Pete, our mycologist son, has NEVER shown so much delight and enjoyment over anything as much as he has over this cake. It has left us speechless and just staring in total amazement. Not one of us has ever seen anything quite like this before. I had never imagined that the cake shape could become a tree stump, and the mushrooms look so perfectly like real mushrooms. Pete named the various mushrooms and joined us in being astounded at the detail of the bark, the moss, the appearance of real mushrooms growing from this stump. Absolutely incredible!!!!! And delicious!!! Oh, my ..... we just don't know how to describe all we experienced with this cake, nor how to thank you. I posted a photo of Pete and his cake, and people are asking if those are real mushrooms!! People I rarely hear from are asking or commenting about it!!......Thank you for your incredible work.  Bonnie O. 

“Oh my gosh, your cupcakes were fabulous! The yellow butter was soooo good! When I go to a party I usually just eat the frosting and leave the cake behind! ( always so dry ) Not with your cake! I have eaten 2 yellow already! I am trying the chocolate one tomorrow! The raspberry filling was amazing! They were a huge hit! Everyone loved them! So moist and tasty! Your frosting was also great! The cake was so cute! When I get a chance I am going to email you a cake pic and some shower pics! My daughter, Rachel, loved everything too! 

I am glad I found you! .....Thank you so much!!” 

Beth G. 

“She makes BEAUTIFUL wedding cakes and cakes of all kinds.  She made MHF (my mom) a beautiful birthday cake for her first birthday here in Ohio. You won't find someone more skilled and artistic than Karin for a wedding cake -- and she is sweet as they come.  Bob H. 

“Just wanted you to know that the mini cupcakes were adorable and delicious. Thank you for your care and attention in making them. Also, thank you for sharing your business cards. I forwarded them to some of our local guests. We will be in touch in the future.”  Deb S. 

“The cake was beautiful and tasted delicious.........Thank you again very much for all your hard work.  It was great.”  Marilyn C. 

“Thanks again.  Everyone loves it!”  Courtney 

“Perfect!  Thank You!”  Beau M. 

“Your cake for our wedding was both stunning and delicious.  Thank you dearly.  We were blown away & are confident our guests were, too.  Your idea of using the platforms for staging worked perfectly at our venue......You have found a customer for life.  Your passion was evident from day 1 and it comes through in your art form.  Thank you again.  Allie &  Alex C. 

“Thank you soooo much.  The cake looked amazing and everyone commented how delicious it was !!!”  Elizabeth P. 

“Thanks again Karin.  The cake was a huge hit and the boys really appreciated it.”  Doug K. 

“Thank you for the miniature wedding cake you made for our 40th anniversary.  It was perfect and tasted amazing!  You helped make our celebration special.”  Harry &  Kathy H. 

“Everyone LOVED the Lion King cake you made for Sarah’s baby shower and of course, it was delicious!  Thank you so much and God bless you!!”  Diane W. 

“Thank you so much!  The cake was a hit!”  Scott P. 

“Outrageous carrot cake!”  Gina A. 

“Thank you very much for the cake!!!  It looks fantastic and I’m sure that the taste of it will be fantastic as well!  Thank you for helping me to surprise my hubby on his BD!!  ......... “   Yuliya P.

“Looks Great!”  Jerimiah T. 

“Absolutely stunning!  I am so excited for them to see it!  Thank you so much.”  Kimberly B. 

“Those were breath-takingly BEAUTIFUL cakes and tasted AWESOME!!! I still don't know how you found time to make all those cakes!! You are super woman!!”  Leslie H. 

“Everything was fabulous Karin Adams Eisenhardt!!! Just beautiful!”  Sue M. 

“The cake was beautiful and delicious!!  Thank you so much for your patience and services.”  Kaiana &  Kevin B. 

“Jack and I would like to thank you for the beautiful wedding cake you have made for Nick & Jenn.  It is going to make our/their day even more special as you know how much Jack loves your cakes!”  Jack &  Terri D. 

“You blew us away with your creation of our custom cake!  You took exactly what we were looking for and went above and beyond.  Not only that - it was so delicious!  We had lots of left over cake that we enjoyed after the wedding as well!  We can’t wait to eat the top tier at our 1 yr anniversary!  We are so thankful and blessed to have had you design our cake!  Thank you so much!  Chris & Sadie W. 

“Your cake was great.”  Ed L. 

“The hockey cake you made for WRA was FABULOUS!!!  You did such an incredible job decorating it!  Everyone loved it!  Thank you!  Kim W. 

“Thank you very much for the amazing cake.  It was absolutely beautiful and very delicious - everyone was raving about it!”  Jamie D. 

“The cakes was delicious and beautiful!!!!  Thank you!!!”  Marilyn B. 

“The cake was beautiful and so delicious!”  Cheryl A. 

“Thank you so much.  The cake was beautiful, absolutely delicious.  I can’t thank you enough.”  Angela L. 

“Cake was fabulous.....Everyone loved it!  Thanks again.”  Julie B. 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the Chamber of Commerce 90th Birthday cake.  It was absolutely delicious!  And the presentation was gorgeous!!  It was loved by all.  Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.”  Laura P.  (CEO - Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce 

“Thank you so much!  Getting many compliments!”  Scott P. 

“My daughter LOVED her cake – “coolest cake ever” posted on Facebook. She took a picture of your card and sent it to friends. Thanks!”  Karen H. 

“I LOVE it!!  You did an awesome job!!  It is perfect!  I can't thank you enough!!”  Diana M. 

“Just wanted to tell you I loved the cake you decorated and so did everyone else. Very creative and of course delicious! The colors were perfect!”  Elaine  A. 

“As usual, your cake was a star of the show!”  Stanley A. 

“....the cake was awesome!  One person told me it was the best carrot cake that she’s ever had.  The cookies were really cute, too!”  Kristin E. 

“Thank you, Thank you Karin, for the absolutely beautiful and delicious, beyond compare cake, for our daughters graduation party!! Everyone loved it!!”  Tracy M.


“Absolutely delicious!!!”  Taylor G. 

“It was absolutely delicious and beautiful! Thanks so much!”  Shauna S. 

“Karin designed a cake and cookie favors for my parent's 60th wedding anniversary. She had great ideas and they turned out beautifully designed with our 1950s themed party. The cake and cookies were delicious and everyone raved about how good the cake tasted. We received a lot of compliments on both the cake and cookie favors. Karin is awesome and I highly recommend her!”  Diana M. 

“We absolutely loved the cake for my son's first birthday. It was amazing and delicious! We are so grateful and will be telling everyone we know what a great experience we had!” Kristine G. 

“Just wanted to tell you I loved the cake you decorated and so did everyone else. Very creative and of course delicious! The colors were perfect! Thanks again!” Elaine A. 

“Your cakes are breath-taking and delicious :-)”  Leslie H. 

“The cake was exactly what I wanted. Thank you.”  Ann K. 

“He absolutely loved it!! Thanks so much! You did an amazing job!!”  Meredith B.


“Every young boys dream birthday cake....AWESOME!”  Steve B. 

“The lemon cake at the funeral was amazing! Thanks.”  Serene F. 

“Thank you very much for the awesome cake!! The farm scene was perfect and the cake was super delicious. It is certainly the best cake we have eaten! My daughter loved it as well!!Thanks again and have a great day!!”  Sirisha G.

“...thank you so much for the wonderful cake! It was absolutely perfect and delicious.”  Melanie S. 

“The cake was cute! It was delicious as always!”  Sharon S. 

“Wow! Leave it to you Karin, to make yet another amazingly creative cake!”  Jane M. 

“Dear Karin Adams, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.  Details of the Recommendation: "Karin's cakes are outstanding! My wife and I had her make our wedding cake. She delivered a delicious and beautiful product that everyone at our wedding loved. The cake was beautiful and fit perfectly with the theme of our wedding. Karin was easy to work with and very prompt. It was nice to know that portion of the crazy wedding day would be taken care of above and beyond our expectations. Karin also made a cake for my brother who is in the military. It was a massive cake that she produced on a very short time frame and shoestring budget. Again, it was delicious, on time, and enjoyed by everyone at our celebration. Karin truly cares about each of her clients and will do what it takes to deliver a top quality product that exceeds expectations. “Thanks Karin!" Service Category: Wedding Cake Year first hired: 2009 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative”  Keith C. 

“The cake was wonderful and beautiful; thank you so much!!”  Ellie W. 

“I just wanted to thank you for the First Communion cake, it looks absolutely beautiful and it was delicious! My family enjoyed it and everyone complimented on how wonderful it was!”  Natalie D.


“Thank you for such a beautiful wedding cake and a wonderfully done groom’s cake!”  Heather B. 

“Thanks for the cake. Everything was delicious.”  Terran P. 

“Awesome!  Thank you!!!  Thank you again.  Great cake for a great day!”  Mark L. 

“The cake was beautiful and delicious. We received a million compliments! 

Thank you for being such an important part of Jennifer and Jacob's wedding day!”  Paula W. 

“The cake was wonderful- everyone loved it!”  Darragh B. 

“You did an amazing job on the cake! My daughter was so pleased! Thank you so much for making our day extra special!” Linda B. 

“That is beyond spectacular.  Thank you so much.  It is perfect!” Mark 

“Thanks, Karin! This was so beautifully made and absolutely delicious! It was quite a hit at my son's graduation/send off party!”  Linda J. 

“I just want to let you know the cakes were phenomenal! You out did yourself honestly and we will be ordering again for our family functions!  You are wonderful and have a customer for life!” Patti and Steve D. 

“ The cake was delicious!!!  Thank you.”  Margie H. 

“Thanks a bazillion for our delicious cakes and all the extra love you brought us!!!  Everyone who tastes the cakes loves all three varieties.......”  Frank &  Pat J. 

“This cake was absolutely gorgeous. As soon as guests arrived, they immediately asked about the cake. Everyone took pictures. Nobody ate much of the BBQ because they were all saving room for cake!! Georgie loved it! Karin is just an amazing artist, and the cakes are delicious. I recommend having her do a cake to anyone for any occasion. I have never seen such beautiful cakes, and they are, hands down, the BEST tasting cakes I have ever had. 

“Thank you so much for making such a special & delicious cake!  The grooms’s cake was better than I could have imagined!”  Heather & Stephen H.


“I keep meaning to tell you that everyone was raving about the cake you made for the baby naming. People especially loved the banana! And the Hebrew characters were perfect. It made a wonderful centerpiece for the table and the cake was delicious on top of it – so light and delicate. Thank you for helping make this a wonderful occasion.”  Karen T. 

“Your cake is the hit of the party!!!!”  Roseann C.


“Thank you for the coolest cake ever!!!!!!  He loved it!”  Stacy M. 

“Thank you so much Karin for this beautiful cake!!! I gasped when I came into the reception hall and saw it. Everyone loved it and said it tasted fantastic.”  Jennifer D. 

“Looks awesome, Karin!! Thank you! Looking to do business with you in the future !!!”  Sheena Z. 

“I can't thank you enough for the cupcakes and cake! Everyone loved them and kept saying they were delicious! “  Rachel M. 

“Kelly’s cake was BEAUTIFUL!  Everything was AMAZING:) You are very talented.”  Courtney T. 

“Very happy with the cake.  Thanks again!”  Fred F. 

”Thank  you  so  much  for  making  both  the  wedding  cake  and  groom’s  cake  for  our  special  day.    It  meant  alot  to  us  that  you  put  so  much  effort  into  the  design.    We  appreciate  your  dedication  of  driving  3-4  hours  with  the  cake  -  I can’t  imagine  the  challenge!”    The  Glavins

”The  other  day  we  had  the  last  of  the  lovely  chocolate  birthday  cake  you made  for  me  that  I  saved  in the  freezer.    That  cake  was  very  delicious  and  also  had  a  good  cake/frosting  balance.   We  really  liked  it.”  Marie  R.

”Thank  you!!!!    The  cake  you  made  was  not  only  BEAUTIFIUL, it  was  also  very  tasty!!  You’re  the  Best!!”  Kelly  and  Donnie

”Thank  you so much  for  making  such  a  special  &  delicious  cake!    The  groom’s  cake  was  better  than  I  could  have  imagined! “  Heather &  Stephen H.

””We  can’t  thank  you  enough  for  the  delicious  cupcakes  you  made  us!    They were  adorable,  so  tasty  and  a  huge  hit.    Everyone  loved  them!”    Alex,  Kristen  & Ava  J.


“We  can’t  thank  you  enough  for  your  generosity  of  time  and  love,  for  yet  another  splendid  and  scrumptious  cake  -  loved  by  everyone!”  MaryLee &  Bud

“Thanks  so  much  for  all  the  time  and  talent  you  put  into  making  our  wedding  cake  so  beautiful  and  delicious.    Everyone  commented  on  how  tasty  it  was  and  its  elegance.    Many  marveled  that  the  sunflowers  were  sugar  and  not  real.    You  have  an  incredible  gift  and  we’re  grateful  you  shared  it  with  us!    Blessings  to  you!”    Karen  &  TJ

”Thank  you  so  much  for  the  GORGEOUS,  STUNNING,  AMAZING,  PERFECT  wedding  cake  you  made  me!!    I  just  loved  it.    Also,  thank  you  for  the  whole  dessert  bar.    It  was  AWESOME  and  DELICIOUS!!   I  think  we  ate  the  buckeyes  for  weeks.  LOL    So  good!  Thank  ya,  thank  ya.”    Donnie  &  Kelly

“Thanks  so  much  for  the  delicious  and  beautiful  cake  you  made  for  my  ‘special’  birthday!    There  are  great  pictures  of  the  cake  cutting  so  we  can  see  the  fun  and  remember!    Thanks  again.”    Mrs. J.

”Many  thanks  for  the  beautiful,  delicious  cake  you  provided  for  us  to  make  Heather  and  Steve’s  special  day  even  nicer!”    Kathy  &  Stu  B.

“Words  cannot  express  how  much  it  means  to  us  for  you  to  bake  our  cakes.  Thank  you  for  making  our  memorable  day  even  more  special.”  Bud &  MaryLee

”Thank  you  for  making  my  1st  Birthday  extra  ‘sweet’.   Everyone  loved  the  cupcakes  &  cookies  you  made.    My  cakes  were  beautiful  too!”   Grayson

”Thank  you  so  much  for  all  you  did  to  make  our  wedding  day  so  great.    The  cake  was  so  beautiful  -  way  better  than  I  could  have even  dreamed  up.   The  cookies  were  also  so  cute.    So  many  people  told  me  how  cool  they  were.    Thank  you  again.    We  are  so  grateful!”    Kristin  &  Jonathan

”The cake  was  delicious!”   Chris  &  Jamie

”We wanted  to  thank  you  for  making  the  beautiful  baptism  cake  you  made  especially  for  Jack  and  Demetrius!    It  tasted  amazing  and  the  olive  wreath  decorations  perfectly  reflected  their  invitations.”    Pennie,  Perry,  Mia,  Demitri  and  Jack

”Thank  you  so  much  for  making  Ted  the  amazing  ‘lumberjack’  cake  for  his  25th  anniversary  party.    He  was  surprised  when  he  saw  it  because  it  was  so  appropriate  for  his  party.   Not  only  was  it  beautiful  but  yummy  also.............Thanks  again  for  the  wonderful  cake.”  Lisa  W.

”Oh!   The  cake  was  so  absolutley  beautiful.    And  everyone  commented  on  how  delicious  it  was.    Thank  you,  thank  you  ,  thank  you  for  your  beautiful  heart  and  your  great  skills.”  Leona  G.

”The  beautiful  cake  you  made  for  us  brought  everything  together!    It  truly  was  perfect  for  us.    Kristen  hasn’t  stopped  talking  about  it!    Gregory  and  Kristen  S.

”Thank  you, Karin,  for  your  generous  expression  of  rememberbrance  of  Father  Joe.    The  cake    was  a  beautiful  expression  of  your  love  and  memory  of  him! “  G. Family

"Everyone loved the cookies! They all asked where you're located." Mindy A.

"Thank you so much for the birthday cake today!!! It was absolutely beautiful and so delicious. It was a really awesome surprise from Alex. You’re wonderful at what you do!" Kristen E.

Thanks so much! Cake was delicious!!! Emily B.

"You cake was a total HIT!!! Everyone just raved about it, we cannot thank you enough!" Amanda V.

4  tier fondant wedding cakes with bouquets of handmade sugar pink & yellow roses, and stephanotis.

   4 Tier Fondant Wedding Cake