This custom designed cake has Spring buttercream and fondant flowers and adorned with a fondant bow.


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Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Wedding Cakes

4 tier wedding fondant wedding cake with handmade sugar ivory roses and edible pearls.

After making thousands of cakes, award  winning  Cakes  By  Karin  can work together to design the cake of your dreams for your special wedding celebration.  Buttercream or fondant covered wedding cakes can be adorned with our handmade sugar flowers, too!  You  are  welcome  to  have  your  florist  supply  flowers,  supply  your  own  cake  topper  or  let  us  work  to  design  a  cake  topper  with  you .

Ask about our active military discount on your wedding cake.

Custom Cakes

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Wedding Cakes


Cakes By Karin will help you design a delicious centerpiece to enhance your celebration.  From sheet cakes,  layer  cakes  to tiered cakes, we will work with you to design that extra special dessert for your guests to enjoy.   If  you  have  an  invitation,  theme,  flower,  or  special colors,  we  will  do  our  best  to  incorporate  them  into  the  design.   You  are welcome  to  supply  a  keepsake  toy,  cake  topper  or  other  item  you  want  to  add  to  the  design.      

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Tree stump mini shower cake with bear coordinates with the pumpkin spice cupcakes with a teddy gram.

Cupcakes are perfect for showers, birthdays, weddings, and tea parties. Cakes By Karin can make a small cake to coordinate with the theme. Our  mini  cupcakes and regular  size cupcakes can be  filled, too. Cupcakes are baked the day of the event. Sprinkles,  blossom  flowers,  rose  buds,  baby shoes,  hearts,  and  stars  are  the  most  popular  decorations  for  our  cupcakes.   We have a cupcake stand to display your cupcakes and small cake.    

Sugar Flowers

Cookies and Macarons

Cupcakes and Mini Cakes

Handmade sugar roses, hydrangeas and stephanotis bouquet floral keepsake wedding cake topper.

From miniature flowers to flowers as large as the Southern Magnolia and Peony, Karin has created over 200 varieties of lifelike looking flowers and foliage. Spring bouquets of Iris, Daffodils, Cherry Blossoms, Gardenias, and Tulips, Fall arrangements of Chinese Lanterns, Rose Hips, Chrysanthemums, Winter bouquets with Poinsettias and Evergreens, Tropical flowers of Hibiscus, Anthurium, and Orchids and Wedding flowers of Roses, Orchids, Stephanotis, and Ivy are among the selections you will see. To enjoy your flowers for years, keep them out of the sun and away from humidity (curio cabinet or glass dome). These flowers are made for decoration and are not edible, as they are made on wires.  Any flower you can imagine Karin can create. Let Karin help you with your flowers on your cake.

Cookies and Macarons

Cookies and Macarons

Cookies and Macarons

Our cookies are custom designed  to coordinate with the cake or invitation and baked fresh.

Our delicious cookie table favors coordinate with  your theme and  cake to enhance your event. Popular are cookie favors for driveway showers, birthday, and special celebrations.  We can coordinate your theme into cookie favors. Our teapot cookies are wonderful for that special tea party favor. They  are a customer favorite!  We include a personalized label on the back of the bag. We offer the popular French Macarons for your event, too.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cookies and Macarons

Cookies and Macarons

Freshly baked cinnamon rolls are available for your next breakfast meeting.  Order early!

Cinnamon rolls are baked fresh for your special meeting or holiday meal. Sales team members enjoy "popping in" to say "Hello" with our cinnamon rolls. Order early and we can have them ready as early in the morning for morning pick-up. Quantity discounts available for corporate gifts.

We also offer sprinkles on our cinnamon rolls to coordinate with a theme - colorful sprinkles for a birthday celebration, pastels for a baby shower, school colors, etc.





Customers have  sent  so  many  thank  you  notes.    Included  on  this  page  is  a  selection  of  notes.  

This is why Cakes By Karin makes custom designed cakes.......





Our frequently asked questions might help you answer that question on your mind.    You  are  welcome  to  email  any  questions too  and  we  will  respond  as  quickly  as  possible.

Wedding Cake Info.


Wedding cake

Wedding cake servings are approximately 1"x2"x4" tall.  Round cakes are the most popular, followed by square cakes.  We offer other shapes and sizes, too. (Heart, Oval, Petal, Hexagon, etc.). There are support rods in stacked cakes. Be sure to account for number of servings with saving or serving the top tier and displaying stacked or on pedestals.

      Traditional vanilla wedding cake to English fruit cake, we will freshly bake your wedding cake!  Cakes By Karin has delicious fondant, too! (Customers say Karin has the best tasting fondant!)

Cakes By Karin's testimonials

Read testimonials from Cakes By Karin's customers....

Round wedding cake

Size - Servings
5” - 6
6” - 8
7” - 10
8” - 15 ✔
9” - 22
10” - 30
12” - 45 ✔
13” - 55
14” - 65
15” - 80
16” - 90 ✔

Example wedding cake servings:

8", 12", 16" + 150 Servings 

-11 Servings (Support rods)


139 Net servings approximately

+22 Servings (Extra 9" round cake)

=161 Total Servings approx. (Serving the top tier)

Payment Policy

Wedding cakes require a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the number of guests times the base price for the cake.  The balance will be due 30 days before the event. Orders need to be paid in full at the time of placing the order for a special event if placed within 30 days. (Cash, check, PayPal, Cash apps, etc.) Special event cakes need to contact us for pricing as each order is custom designed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Karin Adams Eisenhardt - Custom Cake Designer and Sugar Artist

Get to know Karin.....the cake designer!

Make your wedding or special occasion especially sweet with Cakes By Karin! With over 30 years experience in the custom cake industry, Karin A. Eisenhardt-owner of Cakes by Karin, offers some of the finest wedding cakes in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Karin trained with some of the best in the specialty cake business, including the pastry chef that made one of Princess Diana's wedding cakes and cakes for the Royal family.  Karin was featured on "That's Life with Robin Swoboda" TV Show as well in many publications, including; "Today's Bride", "The Knot", "Weddings in Cleveland", "Weddings in Akron", "The Cleveland Plain Dealer", Mimi Vanderhaven",  "The Summit County Women's Journal", "Hudson Magazine", "The Hudson Hub" and exhibitor/demonstrator at the Fabulous Food Show in Cleveland, Ohio.  Over 30 years, Karin’s custom-designed cakes have been the centerpiece for special events, including companies; Go-Jo (Purell Gentle Foam), Windstream, Spectrum Surgical, Time Warner, Sea World, Rosen Hotels & Resorts, Jake's Good Life, VCH, Acu-Serve, and special events for Girl Scouts of America, Rescue Centers, School Fundraisers, Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, Twinsburg Twins Days, and more.

 We provide custom designed wedding cakes surrounding Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Ask about our active United States military wedding cake discount. Celebrate your party, special event, or wedding with a custom designed cake by Karin.

Frequently asked questions.....

1. Do you make fondant wedding cakes? Yes. I specialize in making delicious fondant covered cakes.
2. What is fondant?  Fondant is another type of covering for cakes with a smooth finish and a bit of a chewy texture.  Not all fondant tastes as delicious as mine. (My customers continue to tell me I have the best tasting fondant.)

3. I have never had fondant before, can I taste the fondant? Sure you can taste the fondant. Just remind me you never had it before and I will let you try it.
4. Do you freeze your cakes? I do not freeze my cakes.  They are freshly baked for each order. 
5. Can you eat these sugar flowers?  These flowers are usually made on wires and are for decorative purposes only.  They can be kept for years as a keepsake if protected from sunlight and humidity.
6. How can I get on your calendar?  We need to see if the date is available for your order. Customers are expected to pay in full at the time of placing the order if within 30 days or at least 50% if more than 30 days.It is first come first serve.  I only take the number of cakes I can handle on a weekend.  
7. Do you deliver and set up or do I need to pick up the cake?  You can pick up the cake or I can deliver it.  Most brides would rather pay an extra charge and not worry about the cake on such a busy and important day.  It is one less thing for them to worry about.  Some locations are free, too.
8. How soon do I need to meet with you?  We can do alot via phone and email.  Once you are on the calendar and we determine if I need to make sugar flowers for your cake, we can decide when we need to meet, if we do.  The sooner you get a deposit in and  get on the calendar, the better. 
9. What is the most popular flavor wedding cake you make?  Vanilla cake with raspberry filling covered in fondant, followed by lemon cake.
10. Can we do this all online with you?  Yes, we can handle your order without ever meeting me in person.  Many of the brides handle the whole order with me via phone and email. We confirm the order via email so we have a “meeting of the minds”.
11. What is a Groom’s cake?  A groom’s cake is usually chocolate or a favorite flavor of the groom and depicts a special interest of the groom.  The cake is usually a smaller cake and complements the wedding cake or is a fun addition to the cake table area.  A bride or mother of the bride like to surprise the groom with the groom’s cake.
12.  Do I need to have a groom’s cake?  You do not need a groom’s cake.  They are more popular to have in a Southern wedding.
13.  How much cake do I need?  Plan to have cake for each guest and a few extra pieces.  Serving guides show cake cut perfectly in wedding cake serving sizes....approximately 1” x 2” x 4” tall.  With stacked cakes, you loose servings as there are holes from the support rods in the cake.  Many brides plan to serve the wedding cake as the dessert.
14.  Can I have more than one flavor cake?  You may have more than one flavor cake.  However, you may need more cake as your guests may want to try each flavor.
15.  I found a picture of a cake I like, but want to make changes...can   you do that?  I don’t copy other cake designers work.  However, we can look at the pictures and work off that as a starting point to custom design your wedding cake.
16.  What flavors do you offer?  I offer many flavors of cake.  Let me know what you are interested in and we can see what we can do.
17. Do you make gluten free cakes? I do not have a gluten free kitchen and so I do not offer gluten free cakes.  Since so many people have a high sensitivity to this, I suggest they go to a baker that exclusively bakes in a gluten free kitchen and avoid cross contamination concerns.
18. Do you make ice cream wedding cakes? Since I closed Bricker’s Ice Cream in Hudson, Ohio, I no longer make ice cream cakes. 
19.  How do you charge? Each cake is custom designed and has many factors included in pricing. Whether or not the cake is covered in my homemade buttercream or my delicious fondant,  add-ons of gourmet fillings, side designs, sugar flowers, number of edible images,  time needed, etc.are all factors incorporated into my pricing.
20.  What is the most popular shape for wedding cakes? Round
21. Do you deliver to Western Reserve Academy? Yes - Free of charge, too!


Book  your  wedding  cake  for  this  year  with  last  year’s  pricing  while  it  lasts!

Create a memorable, personalized, unique wedding cake.  We will creatively display your cake so YOU can surprise your guests as you tell YOUR story at your wedding reception!  It is a "Top Secret!" box option. 

Popular are number cupcake cakes.  Check them out in the cupcake section!

We make English Fruitcake! ORDER EARLY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Order early for cinnamon rolls....perfect for morning meetings!


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