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1. Do you make fondant wedding cakes? Yes. I specialize in making delicious fondant covered cakes. 

2. What is fondant?  Fondant is another type of covering for cakes with a smooth finish and a bit of a chewy texture.  Not all fondant tastes as delicious as mine. (My customers continue to tell me I have the best tasting fondant.)

3. I have never had fondant before, can I taste the fondant? Sure you can taste the fondant. 

4. Do you freeze your cakes? I do not freeze my cakes.  They are freshly baked for each order.  

5. Can you eat these sugar flowers?  These flowers are usually made on wires and are for decorative purposes only.  They can be kept for years as a keepsake if protected from sunlight and humidity. 

6. How can I get on your calendar?  We need to see if the date is available for your order. Then send me a non refundable deposit for 1/2 the number of expected guests times the base price of the wedding cake.  For special event us and we will let you know what the amount is. Cake  orders  placed  within  30  days are expected to pay in full at the time of placing the order. It is first come first serve.  I only take the number of cakes I can handle on a weekend.  

  7. Do you deliver and set up or do I need to pick up the cake?  You can pick up the cake or I can deliver it.  Most brides would rather pay an extra charge and not worry about the cake on such a busy and important day.  It is one less thing for them to worry about.  Some locations are free, too. 

8. How soon do I need to meet with you?  We can do alot via phone and email.  Once you are on the calendar and we determine if I need to make sugar flowers for your cake, we can decide when we need to meet, if we do.  The sooner you get a deposit in and  get on the calendar, the better.  

 9. What is the most popular flavor wedding cake you make?  Vanilla cake with raspberry filling covered in fondant. 

10. Can we do this all online with you?  Yes, we can handle your order without ever meeting me in person.  Many of the brides handle the whole order with me via phone and email. We confirm the order via email so we have a “meeting of the minds”. 

11. What is a Groom’s cake?  A groom’s cake is usually chocolate or a favorite flavor of the groom and depicts a special interest of the groom.  The cake is usually a smaller cake and complements the wedding cake or is a fun addition to the cake table area.  A bride or mother of the bride like to surprise the groom with the groom’s cake.

 12.  Do I need to have a groom’s cake?  You do not need a groom’s cake.  They are more popular to have in a Southern wedding.

 13.  How much cake do I need?  Plan to have cake for each guest and a few extra pieces.  Serving guides show cake cut perfectly in wedding cake serving sizes....approximately 1” x 2” x 4” tall.  With stacked cakes, you loose servings as there are holes from the support rods in the cake.  Many brides plan to serve the wedding cake as the dessert.

 14.  Can I have more than one flavor cake?  You may have more than one flavor cake.  However, you may need more cake as your guests may want to try each flavor.

 15.  I found a picture of a cake I like, but want to make changes...can   you do that?  I don’t copy other cake designers work.  However, we can look at the pictures and work off that as a starting point to custom design your wedding cake.

 16.  What flavors do you offer?  I offer many flavors of cake.  Let me know what you are interested in and we can see what we can do. 

17. Do you make gluten free cakes? I do not have a gluten free kitchen and so I do not offer gluten free cakes.  Since so many people have a high sensitivity to this, I suggest they go to a baker that exclusively bakes in a gluten free kitchen. 

18. Do you make ice cream wedding cakes? Since I closed Bricker’s Ice Cream in Hudson, Ohio, I no longer make ice cream cakes.  

19.  How do you the serving?  I charge by the serving of the base cake flavor and whether or not the cake is covered in my homemade buttercream or my delicious fondant,  gourmet fillings, side designs, sugar flowers, etc. It  is  a  custom  designed  cake  with  appropriate  pricing  for  customization  details.

20.  What is the most popular shape for wedding cakes? Round 

21. Do you deliver to Western Reserve Academy? Yes - Free of charge, too!

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